We Don’t Talk Anymore

I just heard you found the one, you’ve been looking. You’ve been looking for. I wish I would have known that wasn’t me. Cause even after all this time. I still wonder. Why I can’t move on. Just the way you did so easily.
I just hope you’re lying next to somebody. Who knows how to love you like me. There must be a good reason that you’re gone. Every now and then I think you might want me to. Come show up at your door. But I’m just too afraid that I’ll be wrong.

Don’t wanna know. Kind of dress you’re wearing tonight. If he’s giving it to you just right. The way I did before.

Don’t wanna know. If you’re looking into her eyes. If she’s holdin’ onto you so tight the way I did before. 

I overdosed. Should’ve known your love was a game. Now I can’t get you out of my brain. Oh, it’s such a shame.


Charlie Puth & Selena Gomez – We don’t talk anymore


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