Still You


Still You – Donghae & Eunhyuk

I was walking again today and coincidentally saw you. You look like you’re doing well as always. That familiar perfume and still I miss you. The smile you gave to me, oh yeah.

You get into a different person’s car, link arms with him. As you smile. I thought I was okay now, I thought I was fine. But.

Yo I still look at your photos in my phone and press delete. I contemplate whether to call you or not. Running out of breath is all because of you. I calm myself but it barely lasts ten minutes. Erasing the scribbles you wrote in my heart. I guess I don’t want to yet, I don’t want to erase you.

I become your shadow, following you every day. With my exhausted shoulders. If I take a step closer, you take two steps back. I have no choice but to look at you.

Still you, you, you, I haven’t forgotten you. Still you, you, you, I’m still the same, yeah. Am I hurting? (I am hurting). I don’t know (I don’t know), oh no yeah.

It’s still you, just you, still you.

Am I hurting? I am hurting, I don’t know. Have I forgotten you? I guess not, I keep thinking of you baby.


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